Savory and Spicy Popcorn & Seasonings Gift Set - 8 jar set

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Add one of our savory or spicy popcorn spice mixes to your next batch of popcorn for a complex, crunchy treat that’s sure to satisfy. Need a unique gift for that tough to buy for friend or a Dad present he'll really love? Then you'll want our gourmet Savory and Spice Popcorn and Seasonings gift set -  which has all the popcorn and seasonings you need for blockbuster movie night snacks. Or treat yourself and enjoy this at home!

We use this as a fun seasoning gift set to use at dinner parties: For a great party snack, serve all four spice blends with a big bowl of freshly popped corn, plus individual bowls for sampling. Guests have fun tasting the different flavors and creating their own custom combos.

The following hand blended seasonings are included in your gift box:

Buttery Garlic: 1.75 oz (50g) Savory and oh-so-indulgent, is there anything more mouth-watering than garlic and butter? (The answer is no, no there's not.) This sophisticated blend of browned butter and roasted garlic is pure bliss.

Spicy Cajun: 2 oz (54g) We love everything about New Orleans, including the flavors of this city we consider a second home. This blend has all of the heat of the Deep South - with just the right amount of kick. Perfect popcorn munching for that person who loves spicy food!

Sweet Maui Onion: 3 oz (85g) The ingredient list may be simple, but the flavor of this popcorn seasoning is anything but. We've infused the flavor of Maui onions into organic sugar to create a blend that adds a carmelized onion accent to your favorite movie and game-night snack.

White Cheddar Jalapeno: 2.25 oz (64g) Our White Cheddar Jalapeno popcorn seasoning is made from three cheeses - white cheddar, Parmesan and Romano - blended with the heat of organic jalapeno chilies. The result: a Southwestern spice blend that is creamy, spicy and delicious.

The following sustainably grown popcorn kernel varieties are included in your box. Each jar makes approximately 3 quarts of popped popcorn:

Baby White: 3.0 oz (87.5g) With a crisp texture and mild flavor, the Baby White kernels are a favorite in our Founders' kitchen. Why? Because once popped, there are very few of those shell-like pieces (or hulls) to get stuck in your teeth or left in your popcorn bowl.

Midnight Blue: 3.0 oz (87.5g) The color of the sky just as one day turns to the next, our Midnight Blue corn tastes slightly sweet and has a great crunch.

Over the Rainbow: 3.0 oz (87.5g) Our Over the Rainbow popcorn is a colorful mixture of blue, yellow, purple, red and white kernels – and they all naturally grow on the same ear of corn. (Wild, right?) Festive and fun for a party, when you want a mix to pop.

Ruby Red: 3.0 oz (87.5g) This Ruby Red popcorn is a deep, dramatic red hue, and looks like tiny little gems – just waiting to be enjoyed. When popped, the corn is a nice mix of fluffy, puffy and crunchy. The result: Tasty morsels with a very subtle nut-like flavor.

Comes in a black gift box, with easy-to-follow directions for how to pop perfect popcorn on the stove top and how to use our seasonings. Seasonings contain: Dairy.


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