Magnetic Spice Tins & Kitchen Spices

From magnetic spice tins and magnetic spice boards, to family menu boards, to simmering spices to make your home spell great naturally, we have what you need for your kitchen!
Magnetic spice tins for DIY magnetic spice rack

Magnetic Spice Tins - Empty Magnetic Tins for Spices

from $ 17.00

Looking for a modern magnetic spice rack - without the rack? Try Dell Cove Spice Co.'s magnetic spice tins - food safe round metal tins - for organ...

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mason jar gift - Simmering Spices - Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas
Sold out

Holiday Simmering Spices - Natural Air Freshener

from $ 11.00

Our favorite simmering spices - or simmering potpourri - have become a favorite go-to hostess gift for friends over the years. During the holidays ...

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