Chicken BBQ Rubs & Grilling Spices Gift Set

$ 38.00

Perfect for the poultry loving chef and cook, these four spice blends are a grill lover's dream. Dell Cove® seasonings help you make perfect hot wings during football season - as well as a great holiday roasted chicken or turkey, when you are trying to make the very best, to share with those you love. We created these blends for dry rub BBQing - but they are easy to turn into a marinade. 

Gift box decorated with a pretty decorative ribbon.

The following hand blended seasonings are included in your box:

Beer Can Chicken Rub - 2.0 oz (57g)  Heat up your summer cookout with a blend that combines ginger with garlic and the smokiness of paprika. Yes, the spice rub has a strange name - and the idea of cooking or grilling a chicken with a can of beer inside the chicken cavity can seem outright odd - but the results are undeniably delicious: chicken skin that is thin and crispy, and meat that falls off the bone.

French Provencal Herb Blend - 0.75 oz (22g) This complex herb mix is the secret behind mouth-watering roasted chicken. Our blend includes savory herbs such as thyme, basil and cracked fennel, with a twist of lavender. Best with poultry and seafood, it also makes an outstanding olive oil bread dip.

Hot Chicken & Wings Seasoning - 2.0 oz (57g) Emphasis on HOT, this rub mixes garlic, cayenne and dark ancho chilies with the yummy tang of vinegar and creaminess of Parmesan. Punch up the heat of a plate of Nashville hot chicken or spicy chicken wings for a tailgate party!

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning - 2.5 oz (70g) Make delicious Jamaican-style chicken and seafood BBQ with our sweet and spicy blend that highlights the heat of Scotch bonnet chilies. This blend can be used as a dry rub or turned into a wet marinade - though it's tasty sprinkled on popcorn, too!

This collection of chicken BBQ essentials makes a great wedding or shower gift.


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