BBQ Dry Rubs and Grilling Spices Gift Set - for Beef Lovers

$ 35.00

This gourmet gift set of four of our top selling BBQ dry rubs and grilling spices for cooking with beef. Our blends are high quality, all natural and small batch - using organic spices and no free-flow agents. Light the fire and get ready to hone your grilling skills!

The following hand blended seasonings are included in your box:

Classic Steak Seasoning: 2.0 oz (56g) Our take on the classic, this rub gives you gourmet flavor with very little effort. Crafted to make a terrific, garlicky crust when grilling thick steaks. You can sprinkle it on chops, ribs, burgers - or mix with your braising liquids.

Fiery Sriracha Seasoning: 3.0 oz (85g) Our award-winning blend! Tangy, smoky and just the right amount of heat, this rub is made for people who enjoy the slow mouth-burn of eating red jalapenos. Best on beef, chicken or fish - though some sprinkle it on grilled corn with mouth-watering success.

Louisiana Cajun Seasoning: 2.0 oz (57g) We love everything about New Orleans. Especially the food. This blend is a staple in our Founders' kitchen, and has all of the heat of the Deep South - without the tongue-scorching burn. If you haven't had this on steak or grilled shrimp, you haven't lived.

Spicy Chipotle Seasoning: 2.0 oz (57g) Inspired by the flavors of the Southwest, where open flames and charred jalapenos bring out the best in beef and pork. Enjoy these tangy, savory flavors at home, with our blend of roasted chipotles, garlic and just hint of green chiles.

Comes with a cooking conversion chart and access to our recipe website. NO MSG. GLUTEN-FREE. NO FILLERS.

    Try it in this recipe:
    A-1 Steak Tips

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