Extracts - for baking, cooking and cocktail making

Whether you're a baker, a cook or a cocktail bartender, having a collection of great extracts is a kitchen must. Why? Because extracts help you add strong flavors to baking, sauces, ice cream and beverages - all at a drop at a time. Extracts are highly concentrated flavors that are extracted onto an alcohol base, which is burned off in the cooking or baking process - leaving behind the rich flavor. Even better: All of our extracts are gluten free, pure and extremely shelf-stable - a closed, airtight bottle of extract will be good for many years, as long as you store it in a dark, cool and dry location.
Pure Almond Extract - Dell Cove Spices and More

Pure Almond Extract

$ 7.95

Our Pure Almond Extract is a baker's best friend. (Seriously.) This Almond extract is made with the purest oil of bitter almond. The result: Incred...

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Blood Orange Extract - Dell Cove Spices and More

Pure Blood Orange Extract

$ 9.95

Our pure Blood Orange extract is a twist on the classic orange extract, giving you a brighter, tangy flavor. Works great in jams, fruit pies, cooki...

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Lemon Extract - Pure Meyer Lemon extract for baking or cocktails

Pure Meyer Lemon Extract

$ 8.95

For superior baking results, you want to always use only the very best lemon extract, and our Pure Meyer Lemon Extract has the most exceptional fla...

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Pure Lavender Water Extract - Dell Cove Spices and More

Pure Lavender Water

$ 8.95

Our Pure Lavender Water extract can be used in both savory cooking and sweet baking applications. Use it to flavor lemonade, chocolate cake and coo...

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Pure Peppermint Extract - Dell Cove Spices and More

Pure Peppermint Extract

$ 7.95

Our Pure Peppermint extract is ideal for making holiday cookies, candy canes and other winter treats. Sure, it's a classic holiday flavor. But give...

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Natural Rum Baking Extract - Dell Cove Spices and More

Natural Rum Extract

$ 7.95

Add a warm and buttery flavor with our Natural Rum extract. The delicate flavor is ideal to use in baked goods, homemade ice cream and holiday drin...

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Baking Extract Gift Set - meyer lemon, pure peppermint, pure almond and natural rum extracts

Baking Extract Gift Set

$ 29.95

Our Baking Extract Gift Set is perfect for the bakers on your gift list. Extracts for baking are a wonderfully easy way to add flavor to nearly any...

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Organic Vanilla Extract - Dell Cove Spices and More

Organic Vanilla Extract

$ 15.95

Our Organic Vanilla extract has an outstanding flavor, and uses certified organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. One tablespoon of our extract e...

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