Pure Meyer Lemon Extract

$ 7.95

For superior baking results, you want to always use only the very best lemon extract, and Dell Cove® Pure Meyer Lemon Extract has the most exceptional flavor. Sweet, tart and juicy, this extract tastes like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange - and gives a modern twist to any recipe needing lemon flavor. Works great in baked goods, savory dishes and cocktails. 

2.0 fl (59ml) oz glass bottle. Dimensions: About 1.75" wide by about 3.75" high.

INGREDIENTS: alcohol (gluten-free), meyer lemon oil.



Each Glass Bottle Holds: 2.0 fl (59ml) oz. 

Bottle Size: About 1.75" wide by about 3.75" high.

Storage: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator.

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