Organic Vanilla Extract

$ 19.50
Dell Cove Organic Vanilla extract has an outstanding flavor, and uses certified organic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. One tablespoon of our extract equals one vanilla bean. Perfect for adding sweet, creamy notes to frostings, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. We also use this extract to boost the vanilla flavor in holiday mulled wine. 

INGREDIENTS: water, organic alcohol (35%), organic vanilla bean extractives.  

Bottle size: 2.0 fl (59ml) oz glass bottle. About 1.75" wide by about 3.75" high.


Each Glass Bottle Holds: 2.0 fl (59ml) oz. 

Bottle Size: About 1.75" wide by about 3.75" high.

Storage: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator.

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