Custom Baking Extract Gift Set - Pick Four Flavors

$ 30.00

Create a personalized baking extract gift set that is just perfect for the baker in your life! Baking extracts are an easy way to add a subtle flavor to nearly any recipe, as well as useful for flavoring teas, coffee and cocktails. Pick any four of our amazing flavors - 2 fluid oz glass bottle (59ml) of each - to create a custom gift that is guaranteed to thrill. Comes packed in a gift box.

Your flavor options are:

Dell Cove Pure Almond Extract: made with the purest oil of bitter almond to add an incredible but delicate nutty flavor to your scones, almond cookies and other baked goods. INGREDIENTS: water, alcohol, bitter almond oil.

Dell Cove Pure Blood Orange Extract: A gourmet twist on the classic orange flavor, giving you a brighter, tangy flavor. It adds a wonderful citrus flavor to jams, pies, cookies, scones, berry pies and all sorts of cakes (especially chocolate cake). INGREDIENTS: alcohol (gluten-free), blood orange oil.

Dell Cove Pure Meyer Lemon Extract: Sweet, tart and juicy, our Pure Meyer Lemon extract tastes like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange - and gives a modern twist to any recipe needing lemon flavor. Works great in baked goods, savory dishes and cocktails. INGREDIENTS: alcohol (gluten-free), meyer lemon oil.

Dell Cove Pure Lavender Water: This can be used in both savory culinary dishes and sweet baking applications. Use it as a refreshing way to flavor lemonade, chocolate cake and cookies. We also like to add a drop or two to tea, for a lovely French floral flavor and scent. INGREDIENTS: water, alcohol (gluten-free), lavender oil.

Dell Cove Pure Peppermint Extract: Ideal for holiday cookies, candy canes and other wintery treats. This is a classic holiday flavor that can easily be use year-round in teas and coffees (peppermint mocha, anyone?) INGREDIENTS: alcohol, vegetable glycerine, peppermint oil.

Dell Cove Natural Rum Extract: Add a warm and buttery flavor to baked goods, homemade ice cream and holiday drink recipes with our Natural Rum extract. A little goes a long way with this rich flavoring (especially when you're making batches of rum balls!) INGREDIENTS: Rum extractives, alcohol (gluten-free), water, natural flavors. 


Each Glass Bottle Holds: 2.0 fl (59ml) oz. 

Bottle Size: About 1.75" wide by about 3.75" high.

Storage: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location - think kitchen cabinet away from heat, not a refrigerator.

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