Tea Hearts - Green and Black Tea

$ 6.95

LIMITED SUPPLIES: Show your love of tea with our heart shaped teas! These green tea - or black tea - hearts are literally that: tea that has been dried and formed into the shape of a heart. These small teas were a hit with our grand-daughters, and we thought they'd be terrific as a DIY supply for crafty foodies and tea shop owners, who want to create a beautiful (and budget friendly) bridal shower tea party favor, bridesmaid gifts, wedding favor, a unique hostess gift or a novelty treat for that tea lover in your life.  

VOLUME OF TEA: 1 oz (28g) per bag


Green tea: 12 to 13 hearts per ounce
Black tea (they're thicker than the green tea): 6 to 8 hearts per ounce

Each heart is approximately 1 inch x 1 inch x 1/2 inch in size.


- Black tea: A very bold tea with notes of blackberry and red wine. The closest I can compare this too is a seasonal Keemun, with a medium level of caffeine.
- Green tea: Earthy and light, low caffeine, mild astringent finish.

HOW TO MAKE: Brewing this teas is simple: Use one heart per cup. Infuse in freshly boiled water and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Add lemon or honey (optional) and enjoy. You can pop one of these into a tea steeper or tea bag, also, if you prefer. The teas are strong enough to re-infuse.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years from purchase. Store in a cool, dark and dry spot.

BULK DISCOUNTS: Our bulk discount starts at 5 pounds. Please contact us to set up a custom order.

GENTLE FYI: As these are dried, formed teas, there can be some tiny bits of the tea that can flake off during shipping. We pack these VERY carefully, to ensure they are beautiful when they arrive!

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