Organic Vanilla Tea - organic black tea flavored with Hawaiian vanilla beans

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LIMITED SUPPLIES: This flavored black tea makes a cup of rich vanilla tea with a lovely creamy character. David dried and ground the last of the Hawaiian vanilla beans we purchased from a small local farmer in Hawaii, and used some of those beans (along with some great organic Madagascar vanilla beans) to create a gluten-free vanilla extract. The result: Dessert in a cup. Perfect for Hawaii gifts and a treat for a Hawaii gift bag.

VOLUME: Each package holds 1 oz of our hand-blended tea. Limited quantities. Resealable pouch is recyclable. It will make approximately 14 cups of tea.

CAFFEINE LEVEL: Medium (about half that of a cup of coffee).

DIRECTIONS: Add 1 heaping teaspoon of tea to empty tea bag or tea steeper. Boil water, then let water cool slightly. Carefully pour 6 oz of boiling water into cup & steep tea for 3 min. Remove tea from cup, sweeten to taste & enjoy. To make iced tea: Add 2 to 4 teaspoons of tea (depending on how strong you want it) to 4 cups of cold water, and place in a glass jar with a lid. Set the jar in the sun. In an hour, check the tea's strength. Sweeten, pour over ice, and enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: organic black tea, sunflower petals, ground vanilla beans (Hawaiian), homemade vanilla extract (Hawaiian and Madagascar vanilla beans - gluten free).

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