Deluxe Chicago Tea Gift Set - Pick Eight Tea Flavors

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Give the tea lover in your life a bit of Chicago history with our Deluxe Tea gift set! You can pick 8 teas (2 oz tins), which are then packed into a pretty small box that make a thoughtful gift for that foodie in your life. The tea flavors are inspired by our experience of living in different Chicago neighborhoods. Each gift set includes a booklet that will tell you about the history of tea and tea houses in Chicago.

All teas are gluten-free. Each tin makes between 6 to 12 cups of tea, depending on how much tea you use and the size of your mug. Perfect for a hostess or teacher gift.

Chi-Town Chamomile Tea (herbal) - So soothing, like a walk along the shore. No caffeine. Ingredients: chamomile flowers.

Chocolate Rose Tea (black) - This floral tea is like dessert in a cup! Ingredients: organic black tea, calendula + sunflower petals, chocolate extract (gluten-free).

Chocolate "Bean!" Tea (black) - So chocolate-y, so good. Ingredients: organic black tea, calendula + sunflower petals, chocolate extract (gluten-free).

"El"egant Jasmine Green Tea (green) - Stylish and floral, like Chicago in spring. Ingredients: organic green tea, jasmine flowers.

Magnificent Mile Mint Tea (black) - Cool, refreshing and just a hint of caffeine to keep you shopping! Ingredients: organic mint, organic black tea.

Organic Rose Tea (herbal) - Light floral notes and pleasant lingering finish. No caffeine. Ingredients: organic rose buds and petals.

Second City Lemongrass Rooibos (herbal) - Bright and bold, just like Chicago! No caffeine. Ingredients: rooibos, lemongrass, calendula petals.

Windy City Peach Tea (black) - A fruity black tea for warding off a winter chill. Ingredients: organic black tea, organic dried peach, sweet osmanthus.


Glass jars: 1.75 inches x 4 inches. Come with sifter cap.
Resealable bulk bags: 8 oz and 1 pound options come in a resealable stand-up bag that's easy to open and close. Both come with directions for how to pop popcorn on the stove top.

HOW TO USE: Sprinkle our popcorn seasonings onto freshly popped popcorn, as desired. (It will stick better to buttered or lightly-oiled popcorn.) For microwave popcorn: After popping, sprinkle desired amount of popcorn seasoning into bag, close bag and shake firmly, then enjoy. To learn how to make perfect popcorn every time, please read our tutorial here. (It’s a family secret that we’re sharing!)

SHELF LIFE: Two years from purchase.

STORAGE: Please keep stored in a cool, dark and dry location.

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